Thursday, December 10, 2015

Event#2 YDEV Open House

On Saturday November 14, 2015 RIC hosted an Admissions Open House to students and families to learn more about the majors offered at the school. Myself and a few other classmates hosted the event along with Dr. Bogad. The event was held at the Murray Center. We talked to families about what the YDEV program is all about. I shared that I transferred from CCRI and how common it is for our school to have transferred students. 

I hope the YDEV major continues to grow because our society needs more people want to help youth in different ways than in a classroom setting. What I love most about Youth Development at the moment are the social work classes. I love that we get a good amount of social work classes because those classes are needed for us to understand how to identify and work with our community.  Overall, I really enjoyed the event and glad I got to share some time with Dr. B, her son, Kate and Ashley. 

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