Thursday, October 22, 2015

Identity in Context

Context mapping is a type of format that represents your personal life. It helps identify yourself and the relationships you encounter on a daily basis. In this chapter, Mitch asked Julian to create a context map.

The four main identities are as follows:
Achieved Identity- This is when an individual has resolved their identity crisis.
Foreclosed Identity-This is when an individual chooses or commits to a certain way without considering different alternatives.
Moratorium- This is when an individual explores different identities but does not commit to one.
Diffused Identity- When the individual is not exploring identities, therefore there is no commitment. 

Here is my personal Context Map:


Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Construction of Adolescence

1. After reading the chapter, the only word that I was not familiar with was "pedagogies". I looked up the definition online and it defined it to be the method and practice of teaching, especially as an academic subject or theoretical concept. Some important key concepts from the text were Authoring Life Stories, construction of Adolescence, theoretical thinking and tested knowledge.

2.  10 people who helped co author my life:
     -Best Friend Michelle
     -Best Friend Laura

At 25 years old, it was hard to list just 10 people that have helped co author my life. I thought about those people who have been there at my lowest, highest and those who have witnessed my individual growth as a person. Of the people listed, the person that has helped me write my story is my sister, Alba. We are two years apart, opposites in some ways but share so much similarities including being family oriented. She is my right hand, the person I talk to twice a day on the phone. Once I became a mom we no longer lived together, and our bond got even stronger. My sister hears me out and gives me the right words of wisdom when I am upset or frustrated. She is my sons godmother and is always there for both of us. Her worries are my worries and her happiness is my happiness. She is my biggest cheerleader and I will always be the same for her. I feel blessed to have a best friend like my sister who is always there for my family and I. I consider my sister to be the coauthor of my life because as you can see, the relationship we have is special.