Thursday, October 22, 2015

Identity in Context

Context mapping is a type of format that represents your personal life. It helps identify yourself and the relationships you encounter on a daily basis. In this chapter, Mitch asked Julian to create a context map.

The four main identities are as follows:
Achieved Identity- This is when an individual has resolved their identity crisis.
Foreclosed Identity-This is when an individual chooses or commits to a certain way without considering different alternatives.
Moratorium- This is when an individual explores different identities but does not commit to one.
Diffused Identity- When the individual is not exploring identities, therefore there is no commitment. 

Here is my personal Context Map:



  1. Great post, Milena. I really liked how you summarized each of the four identities so concisely into one sentence. I also liked how you set up your context map, representing that each of the four environments points back to you.

  2. You seem to have a handle on what a context map is. I wonder if you could add another description what else separates you in each of these category?