Thursday, December 10, 2015

Elevator Speech

The Youth Development major is unique in many ways. First off, it is the only undergrad YDEV major in our state. That is alone is pretty special. Every text, experience and discussion that involves Youth Development I always learn from. That being said my elevator speech looks a little something like this:

Youth Development is about helping, growing, bringing a positive approach to youth. With effort to bring all of these things to youth's lives is extremely important. Whether it be in a school setting, community, government agencies they all will serve the same approach to be an advocate for them. I think a major component to keep in mind when working with youth, is being aware of their environment because that can have a major influence in their life. In order for youth workers to work with youth, we must be willing to be open in every way possible to help build a relationship which is important. The YDEV program provides foundations in education, social work, and non-profit studies and a student chosen minor. You get a B.A in Youth Development and certificate in Non-Profit Studies. 

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