Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Resilient Kids

It's always interesting to look at different rituals that go on in classrooms. These exercises practiced in the classrooms are important and proved to be affective.  By doing the different types of exercises improvements like higher test grades, better learners, and even youth start to manager their own behaviors which is great. I love that Resilient Kids got to design the program needed for the youth they work with. I would love to these types of exercises focused on in more classrooms today so that youth can benefit from these calming rituals.


  1. It would be nice if teachers utilized some of the strategies resilient kids used in the classrooms. I think people sometimes forget that kids can be stressed out too. They may not have bills to pay but they do experience stress.

  2. Hi Milena,

    I also stated in my blog that classrooms should focus on mindfulness, especially with all the data there is about of how much of a positive impact it has on kids (and probably adults). In addition I think it can be a powerful tool in youth work also.